"Una donna unita in rapporto coniugale"?

"Con il termine moglie ci si riferisce ad una donna unita in rapporto coniugale."

Can someone, please, translate "... una donna unita in rapporto coniugale" for me? Is it proper to say "a married woman"? Is there a more accurate translation than this? Thank you in advance.

December 14, 2018


Con il termine moglie ci si riferisce ad una donna unita in rapporto coniugale. = (literally) With the term wife one refers to a woman who is united [to someone] by a bridal relationship.

Obviously, it means "a married woman".
But in legal papers it is very common to find similar periphrastic definitions for simpler words.

December 14, 2018

I always have problems with my periphrastics but will soon get the hang of it. Tanti auguri:-)

December 14, 2018

Maybe also A woman united in a conjugal relationship..In the legal-bureaucratic language we say rapporto coniugale speaking of the legal bond between wife and husband (marriage).

The adjective coniugale (conjugal) is related to the word coniuge, that is "wife" or "husband" (but it's more formal and there is not a masculine or feminine form) and to the participle coniugato/coniugata - coniugati/coniugate, that is "a person united in a conjugal bond".

In effect coniugale/coniugato/coniuge come from latin coniungere (to connect). "A married woman", una donna sposata, is correct, but, as Civis said too, I advise you to choose a more literal translation atleast when a formal context requires to.

December 15, 2018

Ciao. Direi semplicemente "una donna sposata".

December 14, 2018
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