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"Je veux juste voir mon amie une nouvelle fois."

Translation:I just want to see my friend one more time.

April 4, 2013



Is it correct to use this as once more and also as one more time. These two concepts are different in English, "one more time", has an air of finality about it. "I would like to see my friend one more time before he dies" while "once more" hints that I would like to see my friend again and perhaps renew that friendship. Can "Une nouvelle fois" be used in both ways dependant on context?


Why is "I only want to see my friend once more." not accepted?


"Seulement" is "only". "Je veux seulement voir"..


How does "une nouvelle fois" translate literally? Would you also use it say "say once again"?


"one new time" is the literal.


I think "I just want to see my friend another time" should be accepted. I reported it.


I assume from this sentence that "juste" can be used for emphasis the same as in English. Personally, I try to avoid using "just" for emphasis. I'm from the American Bible Belt, and it's used way too much, especially in prayers: "I just want to tell you, Jesus, that I just love you so much, and I just want to just praise you, like, just forever...." Prayers like this is why I became an Episcopalian.


Si précis. Duolingo sait toujours l'historie de ma vie.


Surely is should be "encore un fois"?


Is "une nouvelle fois" a unique idiom, or is "nouvelle" used in other contexts to mean "again" or "more"?

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