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  5. "A heavy chicken"

"A heavy chicken"

Translation:Kuku mzito

December 14, 2018



I'm not sure I get this. kuku is in class 9 and 10 (N/N). According to the tips and notes, adjectives beginning with Z take a concord of n- for the N/N class, i.e. nzito. Therefore the answer should be kuku nzito, and not kuku mzito. Am I misunderstanding something here, or is the "correct" answer just wrong?


all living creatures will have the prefix 'm/wa' for adjectives and 'a/wa' for verbs because they all belong to the noun class 'A/Wa'. i.e.

Kuku mzito amechinjwa - kuku wazito wamechinjwa

Most of the time the noun is a reliable indicator of its noun class, but there are some outliers.

Would you happen to have a link to the classes you're referring to? I see people referring to it a lot, and it's different from how I learnt it so I'm curious to see how it's structured

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