"I like honest people"

Translation:Ninapenda watu waaminifu

December 14, 2018

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I'm not sure I get this. The tips and notes say that plural nouns in class 2 (wa-) get w- before a vowel, like a. So wouldn't -aminifu become waminifu. The "correct" answer says waaminifu.


generally people do use 'waminifu', but I'm not sure I understand the explanation. 'Mtu' is in the noun class 'A/Wa', so all verbs/adjectives pertaining to them will have, depending on singular or plural, 'a-' or 'wa-' as a prefix to the stem verb (e.g. anakuja - wanakuja), and 'm-/mw-' or 'wa-' as a prefix to their stem adjective (in this case, mwaminifu - waaminifu)


"wa" infront of aminifu is not the norm; waaminifu is an anomaly, yes? Is there any other instance when this is true? Thanks


I don't understand machieng's answer. From what duolingo tells us this answer is a mistake.

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