"Tini comes from afar, that is from Japan."

Translation:Tini datang dari jauh, yaitu dari Jepang.

December 14, 2018

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cant use tini berasal jauh yaitu dari jepang? even though when you hover over comes from it shows you can you berasal for comes from?


You could, but in that sentence, the name was Andi. (At least in my version.)

That said "berasal" means "is ORIGINALLY from." Tini can be "berasal dari Jepang," but only if Tini is Japanese. If Tini is Indonesian, returning from Jepan, she might be coming "dari Jepang," but she's always "berasal Indonesia."


I just gave the same answer: "tini berasal jauh, yaitu dari jepang" = wrong! As you say, "berasal" is offered as first choice for "comes from"!


What is the difference between sehingga, begitu and yaitu?


"Sehingga" is "so that." It indicates there is an intended effect. "I tie my shoes so that they don't fall off my feet."

"Begitu" is "like that." It points to an example. "I tie my shoes like that shoe is tied."

"Yaitu" is "specifically." It narrows a general statement to a particular one. "I fasten my shoes, specifically, I fasten them with a knot."


It's not clear in English if it should be translated as: arrives from far away or originates from far. "Tini dari jauh, yaitu dari Jepang" should be correct too, no?


Well afar is a word that's a bit anachronistic. Its only used or seen in Christmas songs about the wise men from the east. At least you wouldn't hear this word used in American english


What is the difference between "berasal dari" and "datang dari" in this question?


Tini berasal dari Jepang = Tini originates from Japan (That was where she was raised, or born, etc.)

Tini datang dari Jepang = Tini comes from Japan (Could refer to originating there like berasal, or could just mean that she came from there for the sake of her current trip, even if she originally came from somewhere else)

That's my understanding from these lessons, but hopefully a native speaker can clarify if I'm wrong

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