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  5. "Uku i ke kāki kula."

"Uku i ke kāki kula."

Translation:Pay the tuition.

December 14, 2018



Why does this sentence not need either a subject or "e" before marking a command? I thought the only context in Hawaiian you could drop the subject was with a command!

Could anyone explain?


Agree. Like this id learn it rather as just a vocabulary as in "(to) pay the tuition" but then the period at the end wouldnt make sense


It would seem this sentence should begin with "E uku ..." - or perhaps this is a subtle way of introducing a colloquialism. ???


Yes, casual speech often drops off parts. Happens in English.


It may happen in English but it has been made VERY clear (up to now) that an imperative takes "e." (So I guessed - since I had to guess?? - it meant the tuition is paid (which was obviously wrong.))


I see your point.


E uku ʻoe i ke kāki kula.

E uku i ke kāki kula.

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