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"Buku ini tidak dimulai oleh mereka."

Translation:This book was not started by them.

December 14, 2018



Haven't a clue what this means as it is not proper English. Perhaps "they have not started this book yet" - the current answer has odd verb tenses that are awkward and is too passive


Not native English speaker, but I think "this book hasn't been started by them" sounds more natural (assuming started reading)


"This book has not been started by them" was labelled wrong. It is correct


Are you sure? I think your sentence would be a more apt translation of "Buku ini belum dimulai oleh mereka". Those (with "has not" and "belum") seem imply that the book has not yet been started (and perhaps that when it is started we expect it to be by them). Whereas the sentences given here (with "was not" and "tidak") are consistent with the book having been started, but not by them (along with a number of other interpretations).


As a native English speaker this sentence makes no freaking sense!


As a native Indonesian speaker this sentence also makes no sense


"they have not begun this book" should be accepted.

as others have noted, this has vague meaning in english


This makes no sense in English.


ahhh so "di-" is for past tense, "me-" is for actions you are doing at the moment?


No, it is passive.

"This was written down for you." "Those cops are known to be corrupt." "This paper is released every Saturday."

The subject is not the one acting in the verb. The action in the verb is being done to the subject.

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