"Was sind deine Maße?"

Translation:What are your measurements?

April 4, 2013

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The speaker makes "Maße" sound like "Masse"! "Maße" has a long a and "Masse" a short one. Just if you are wondering or got it wrong.


This is a perfect example, why it is so important to remember the difference between 'ss' (used after short vowels) and 'ß' (used after long vowels). Thank you, duolingo for demonstrating how not to do it.


Exactly, but only thanks to the "new" spelling reform!


No, that is not correct. Masse was always spelled that way.


Jep, that sounds like regular Masse.


Is Maße is plural ? If yes then what is its singular?


Its singular is Maß, meaning measurement.


Das Maß. The gender is neuter. , Die Maße.

Die Masse. Die Massen.


And what is the gender?


Yep. My husband is a native speaker and he said the same.


Yeah I was confused when the robot voice said "What is your mass" (in German) but of course I figured out what she meant to say!


It is still wrong! I reported it now with the hint, that the word "Maße" alone is spoken correctly, but in this sentence it was pronounced in the wrong way. Maybe it helps... maybe not.

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I hear a long "a" (March 2021)


Are those freedom units?


now use centimeters and Germans will get it ;-)


Really not a clue about the three numbers, could you explain bitte?


I think he/she was answering the question above "Was sind deine Maße?". Usually they are given as three numbers: chest, waist and hip measurements. I found this useful page that explains it pretty well :). Hope this gives you a clue. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-get-your-body-measurements.html


Wow! Thanks Ann.


Should be in the "flirting" section


YEAH! I needed to know that phrase ;)


Bit of a personal question, that


Crap, I put in "was" instead of what. -.- Been speaking German for long enough that I keep accidentally using German words instead of English.

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    I have the same problem . I like to think it means I'm learning thoroughly!


    What's the difference between die Maße and die Messungen?


    "Messungen" are usually technical measurements like measuring the temperature or pH value or something like that. "Maße" only refer to length, height and width I think. It's a different context. Hard to explain because both are translated into measurements. I am trying to think of exceptions, because of course there will be exceptions to what I just tried to explain... The only one I can come up with right now is "die Maß" which refers to a litre of beer (for example at Oktoberfest) ;-)


    "[die] Messungen": plural, doing multiple measurements. "[die] Maße" (in this lession) are the length results of multiple measurement (probably length, width and heigh).


    Thanks; that's helpful (not that I'll remember that yet, but that's on me!).


    "[die] Messung": singular, doing the measurement of a single item once "[die] Messungen": plural, doing multiple measurements. That can be the measurement of a single item multiple times (temperature every hour as example) or different items of one or more objects (size/weight of a box or a person as examples). "die Maße" (in this lession) are the results (length/size) of multiple measurements (probably length, weidth and height).


    My dictionary gives Messungen as measurements, and Masse as dimensions. (Of course, dimensions was not accepted.)


      Is your dictionary older than 1996? For a start, that's an example of why ss is not interchangeable with ß:

      Masse = "mass"
      Maße = "measurements"

      Additionally, as other comments have already pointed out, a Messung is a "measurement" in the sense of the act of measuring something. A Maß on the other hand is a "measurement" in the sense of the dimension of something that you have discovered by measuring it. Interchanging the two is incorrect.


      Das stimmt, aber warum wird 'Maße' hier genau so ausgesprochen wie 'Masse' ?


      Does this mean "What size do you wear/How big or tall are you?" or does this mean "How long/wide did you just measure that object as?"


      The first of your suggestions! This questions asks you about YOUR measurements. For your second sentence I'd say something like "Wie lang/breit ist das Objekt/der Gegenstand?" (How long/wide is the object) because I wouldn't say "Wie lang/breit hast du das Objekt gemessen?" (literal translation of your second sentence).


      Why is 'What are your sizes' not accepted?


        In English, if you walk into a clothing shop and the attendant asks "What are your measurements?" they want to know the physical size of your body: Your height, the circumference of your waist, etc. in centimetres or inches. These measurements could be used to design a custom suit, for example.

        If you walk into a clothing shop and the attendant asks "What are your sizes?" they want to know the sizes that are written on the labels of your clothes: Size 8 shoes, 32R trousers, XL shirt, for example.


        Oh I see. That makes sense, thank you :)


        The male voice (whole sentence) and the female voice (single word) for "Maße" are wrong. Both speak "Masse" (with a short "a"). That is related to mass. The correct voice for "Maße" includes a long "a". Disclaimer: Native German (Reported: 17. Juni 2017)


        Nope, not creepy at all


        If Maße is neuter, why is it diene with an e rather that just dein?


        It's used in the plural form. Dein Maß (your measurement) / Deine Maße (your measurements)


        I'm not native english.. but shouldn't "which are your measurements?" be accepted ?


        You would say "which are…" only if you have 2 or more measurements in front of you, so to speak, and you are asking which of those choices is correct. If you don't have any information, you need to use "what."


        Would someone be kind enough to tell me where to get help to use the vocal test. When I answer three times I get marked incorrect. I dont think I am being received. Appreciate any help.


        Also, ambient noise distresses the Owl. Be sure there's nothing else loud enough that it might be picked up by the mic.


        Try this once: instead of you repeating the phrase, press the "sound button" so duolingo itself will say it for you. If it works, you shouldn't be having problems with your speakers.


        That is right: Maße has a long "a". We can not here it in the sentence


        'What are your dimensions?' is a rather drole alternative ! Given first by Linguee, and also by Google. Sadly, DL does not like it, yet.


        Can it also mean 'measures' as in 'Special situations call for special measures'?


        No -- those would be Maßnahmen (singular: die Maßnahme).


        I agree with Ann-Ki (German speaker)


        Do not ask a lady this question. Don't ask her age either LOL

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