Translation:Hapahā i hala ka hola ʻumi

December 14, 2018


  1. Half past ten: Is it also correct to say "(Ka) hapalua i hala ka hola ʻumi"? 2. Quarter past ten: Is it also correct to say "(Ka) hapahā hola ʻumi"? I ask because DL only seems to use i hala/past with the quarter hour.


Late reply, but DL is correct on this one. 10:30 is always hapalua hola ʻumi. With 10:15, you definitely want hapahā I HALA ka hola ʻumi because hapahā I KOE KANI ka hola ʻumi would mean 9:45 (a quarter TO ten). Seems like this has not been addressed in DL.


Good to know. Mahalo


With this one there is no "ka" at the beginning. When there is a picture of a clock showing 10:15 it forces me to put a "ka" at the beginning


This lesson is very repetitive and that's EXACTLY what I need. Thanks DL.

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