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Why are my students' skill level not showing up as completed on my Duolingo Classroom?

When I create an assignment, I assign a new skill. The problem is that many of my students have completed this skill before I assign it or complete it early on and then, their completed skill is not registering in my Duolingo classroom. Therefore, I think that they are missing their assignment, yet when we pull up their account, they have that skill done already. So why is Duolingo not registering their completed skill as complete? This will not help them as they continue with the language in future grade levels. It looks like they haven't done the work. I read that if they have done the first level skill assigned, Duolingo wants them to do the next 2-3 lessons for it to count. is this true? If so, that is not fair to the students who have done the work already. Basically, I just need to know how to have my students' completed work show up as complete on my Duolingo Classroom. Please help.

December 14, 2018



Ugh I am having the exact same problem!! If you figure something out, please let me know (I'll do same). I "assigned" lessons for extra credit, but the students who were using duolingo on their own beforehand don't seem to be able to get credit for that (even though I think that definitely counts for such self-motivated kids!) Also, the kids who tested out don't seem to get credit as having completed anything either. I don't want to just give more points to kids who basically don't need them; I told the students that anyone who got an A last semester can't earn points on the first section, they can start earning points on the second section.


Exactly! I have just been telling my students that if they have completed the level I assigned before I assigned it, that they will have to complete the next level (and sometimes that doesn't work either). I do not want to take time out of class for them to all show me their Duolingo on their phones either. It just doesn't make sense with what is going on. I will let you know if I do find something that works. Thank you for your feedback as well, at least its not just me.

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