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  5. "Kani ka hola."

"Kani ka hola."

Translation:It is time.

December 15, 2018



Ha! That is funny. If you envision "kani" as meaning "strike," then it has a better feel. "The hour strikes," sort of like a grandfather clock or church bell. I like the observation, James.


How can you offer that kani ka hola means "the hour strikes" and then count that wrong?!! Better fix that ASAP


The hour chimes? Adorable.


It's really time for Duolingo to fix the beta courses!


That's not how it works with most of the languages. There is no more a "Duolingo" working on it than there is a green owl who writes these questions. Rather, they are the work of volunteers, who put together the entire course and then shepherd it through the beta phase.

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