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Something appears to be happening in the Swahili course!

Just received a dozen or so 'feedback' emails confirming that my proposed changes have been accepted. Will the incubators pick up momentum again, or is this just a one-time burst of activity? Time will tell.

December 15, 2018



This is fantastic news.
I stopped the taking the Swahili tree long ago because of the lack of audio and the mistakes in the tree.
I really hope this is the beginning of improving the tree, because I do want to continue the Swahili tree when it is ready.


Same! Will have to keep my eyes peeled - if audio arrives, I will resume the course.


I really hope you're right and it's certainly a sign that someone is keeping an eye on things, however...

I've had that happen before and there hasn't been any update besides. I just got my suggestions accepted and nothing else changed.

Like I said, I really hope you're right and this means that an update is underway.


Sounds like the contributor(s) are coming back! I hope audio comes soon, especially since it was supposedly finished over a year ago...


Personally I am way more excited about the corrections to the later skills.


i'm cautiously optimistic. We have been down this road before lolol


Got three of them as well.


I got a bunch of them as well. Very exciting news!

EDIT: it seems there is a new contributor in the Swahili course. Thank you very much, @BrettHodge3


Great news that there are new contributors! But where are you seeing this?


In the incubator. Also, I now see yet another contributor.

Thank you very much, @davidvdb !


I'll try my best!


Ik merk 't :) :) Lots of suggested corrections are being approved. Brilliant!


Asanteni, timu ya Kiswahili!

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