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Is It Worth It?

I am learning Spanish right now, will it help my Spanish learning speed up if I learn Esperanto then Spanish, or is it better to just keep learning Spanish then learn Esperanto?

December 15, 2018



Learn Esperanto because you love Esperanto.


December 15, 2018


Spanish: many exceptions, many irregularities, a lot of trouble. Esperanto: No exceptions, no irregularities, fast learning progress. Free course with duolingo and lernu.

December 15, 2018


A bonus of the Esperanto course on Duolingo (and Lernu) is that there are recordings of someone speaking instead of the text-to-speech recordings which seem to be in the other courses.

December 16, 2018


If you’re already studying Spanish and only want to know Spanish, just study Spanish. If you have broader linguistic interests, Esperanto is a great language to know. If you definitely want to do both (and non-concurrently), I would recommend Esperanto first.

December 16, 2018


I did the same thing as you a couple of years ago. When I started learning Esperanto, however, I absolutely fell in love with the language. You should learn any languages if you have an interest in them

December 19, 2018


Do whatever is more fun for you!

December 15, 2018


Learn whatever you want to as long as you aren't getting the two mixed up. Have fun and good luck! :)

December 16, 2018


Hi LetsGoEngland : From my personal experience, knowing Esperanto, or let us say learning the basics of Esperanto did fasten my pace of learning French. Thanks to Esperanto, I was also able to learn other European languages too considerably faster to an elementary / lower intermediate level.

So, I would recommend you to at least learn the basics of Esperanto. Then learn few 1000s of common roots used im Esperanto. The you will see that your Spanish learning rate will go up by a certain degree.

December 17, 2018


If you start to get burnout from learning Spanish, then yes, I would recommend it. If you still find it fulfilling, then keep at the Spanish.

Every time I felt burnout from studying languages, I would go back to Esperanto, where everything makes sense.

December 17, 2018


It will probably help you indirectly with learning Spanish.

Either way, you'll definitely reach proficiency more quickly in Esperanto than in Spanish.

December 18, 2018


There are two schools of taught here. I will argue in favor of one and let others decide if it is better to learn multiple. Personally I feel it is better to learn one language first. Complete immersion in that one language make the ,earning process go faster, and it makes learning a future language easier. This is because you will already have developed you own system for learning a language. For example, I started studying Portuguese in March of 2018, i had some hiccups along the way, and i corrected them. I learned what works for me and what does not. Once I developed a system of studying, by Dec of 2018 I was at a conversant level, not perfect but enough to survive with out the use of a translator. I am not saying that studying multiple languages at one time is bad, just that it may make learning a language take longer. I am a big proponent of immersion in one target language.

January 4, 2019
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