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Multiplayer mode?

Why is there no multiplayer mode? like a word with friends style of battle your friends trying to guess simple Indonesian words for example like air=water or ubi=yam. Or some kind of multiplayer mode?

December 15, 2018



Not that I know of, but that would be interesting to make my friends and family try to guess what some words in Spanish are.


there is a sort of "multiplayer" in that you can set up leaderboards with friends and challenge them on XP - but this is not as fun as what you are describing. I am not completely sure how it would work though...


To answer your question "Why" I can only imagine the answer is "Because no one has put in the time and effort to develop one" I was hoping there was some kinda of public API so that we could develop one ourselves, but after a quick search, it looks to me like what used to be available might have been taken down. This project was last worked on 12 months ago, maybe it works.



You'll need to ask the developers for that. Make a new post, with the topic either "Duolingo in English" or "Troubleshooting in English" in order to deliver your ideas.

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