Continuous Streak Days

I am discovering the hard way that if you open more than one Duolingo language app simultaneously to compare/learn the language and differences that Duolingo does not count all lessons you are learning, especially if you are reviewing and only do one lesson per language on each different app. I have had my streak bounced back to zero so many times even though I have completed one lesson several different Duolingo apps. I've been with Duolingo for two years and always exceed my daily quota spread across four different languages. However, Duolingo apparently only accepts one app for reaching your daily quota.

December 15, 2018

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If you had more than one app open at a time doesn’t that mean that they are all listed by different usernames and different accounts? There is no way (at least on IOS/iphone/ipad) that I can open any app more than once. Because if i tried to open the app again then it would just bring up the app that is already open. You can’t have a Duolingo App open on a device more than just once. Are you sure you are talking about the Duolingo “app”. Or are you maybe online with several windows open? Because apps can only be open once on a device. Or maybe you are using more than one device? I switch back and forth and have the ios app and the website open at the same time and they synchronize as I go along. I am so confused as to how you can even have the app open more than once on your device. Am I misunderstanding you? Does everything have the same account open because if it did you should have no problem. That stinks that you lost your streak.

December 15, 2018
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