"Aia ʻelima makaaniani ma ke pākaukau."

Translation:There are five pairs of eyeglasses on the table.

December 15, 2018

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I used "Five eyeglasses are on the table" and it did not take, despite that "Aia ka poi ma ka lumi kuke" is acceptable as "The poi is in the kitchen" rather than "there is poi in the kitchen."

Might this be a case to open an alternative answer? I believe Aia can be translated as "there is" -or- "item is in/on."

Mahalo for consideration.


Aloha e Pohaikealoha! Mahalo for your suggestion. It has been added to the course.


Does "pair" not generally refer to eyeglasses instead of drinking glasses? "Pair of glasses" should be accepted as is "Pair of eyeglasses". imho Thank you to all contributors. Very helpful instruction in this group.


I believe "five pairs of glasses" should be accepted. Let me know if it's not.


Where does the word pair come in? It can be assumed it is a pair if not the word for pair is kūpea.

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