"One boy"

Translation:Hoʻokahi keiki kāne

December 15, 2018



Aloha, I asked my Hawaiian teacher, Puakea, today about how to say and spell the number 1 in Hawaiian. She said that when counting the correct word for one is 'ekahi. When using the word "one" in a non counting way, use ho'okahi. "One day, I'll travel to Hawaii". The one in that sentence is what I think a non counting example of the word one would be. My teacher also said if you are reciting a string of numbers, use the "'e" for the first number only. For example the number 567 would be read aloud 'elima-ono-hiku if you were say, reciting a phone number. Another interesting insight she gave our class is while I count my 5 fingers on my hand, Hawaiians count the webs between the fingers. They consider that that hands signify the number four. So grateful for Duolingo and this amazing resource! Perhaps they can check my understanding of the correct use and spelling of 'ekahi. Thank you smart Duolingo educators and programers! Teaching language is a wonderful calling. Mahalo


Why not 'ekahi keiki kāne?


wondering this as well :)


Wondering the same


Ho'okahi/kahi. Related to Malay "esa"


Indonesian has 'lima' for 5.

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