"E ʻai kāua i ka moa kōʻala."

Translation:Let's both eat barbecued chicken.

December 15, 2018

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Just had a very extensive conversation with a native speaker, and "Letʻs eat the barbecued chicken" should also be an acceptable answer. (i.e., it is fine to use the article ʻtheʻ in the translation as it may very well enhance communication in the context of the conversation.)

My response was: Let's eat the barbecued chicken.

I was given this message in response to my answer:

You have a typo. Let's eat barbecued chicken.

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I speak Hawaiian and I'm annoyed at all the "missing" "the" word in the translations as well. For most cases like this, I would also use "the" in the translation.


It is a bit annoying but I have to say I've learned a LOT from Duolingo and I speak Hawaiian much better now


Remeber: 1) it is in beta 2) its free


Not complaining, just offering constructive feedback as this is the Beta version and I have access to native speaker feedback. Live Aloha. <3


In Māori heihei is chicken and the moa were those giant dinosaur birds. I always found this difference kind of funny.

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