"Thank you" in Korean.

Hello everyone. Could someone explain me the differences among 감사합니다, 감사하다, 고맙습니다, 고맙다, 고마워, 고마워요? I thank your help! :)

December 15, 2018



Thank you for your question!

The Korean language uses words that are both native to Korea as well as words that came to Korea via old Chinese. Because of this, many times there will be both a Native Korean word and a Sino-Korean word that mean the same thing and sound nothing alike.

고맙다 is a Native Korean word and 감사하다 is Sino-Korean, though they are both used to express gratitude.

Korean also is a language where the relationship between two speakers can be understood by how they speak to each other.

고맙습니다 고마워요 고맙다 고마워

are all "thank you", but depending on the relationship between the two speakers, it may be improper to say "고마워".

The safest choice is to always use the highest level, or most polite form of speech when speaking to someone until the relationship becomes more casual and personable

Here is a wiki link for Korean speech levels:

Also, as a fun fact, almost all of the time, if you find a Korean verb ending in 하다, it is almost always a Sino-Korean verb.


December 16, 2018

Oh thank you so much! and also thanks for encouraging me! I native Spanish speaker, I'm studying English at the university and Italian at a institute, if you need help you could text me for e-mail(my e-mail is on my profile) if you want out there I could send you other social network to explain you or talk. If you need help don't doubt to contact me; and thank you again:) ahh and sorry if I have mistakes; I'm learning English yet.

December 16, 2018

No sabía! Hablás Inglés súper bien!

Lo más importante es que usted se esfurece y no se de por vencido. Coreano es un idioma difícil y cuándo usted lo estudie y tenga ganas de dejarlo, tenga orgullo en lo que ya ha aprendido, y pónganse las pilas.

Se puede hacerlo. Toma tiempo, toma esfuerzo, pero sí se puede hacerlo. Se lo prometo.

December 16, 2018

Alentadoras palabras, ¡gracias por todo!. Also your Spanish is good, with practice is improved; and you have reason, for a moment I thought to give up. However I love languages and Korean language. I'll try it! ¡me has caído bien!

December 16, 2018

감사하다 and 고맙다 are the basic forms of the verbs which have not been conjugated. We would find these two verbs in this form in the dictionary but we would not use this form when speaking.

감사합니다 and 고맙습니다 are the two verbs conjugated in a polite and formal way. These forms are used very often when speaking with people in most situations. 감사합니다 is the form of "thank you" which is used the most often.

고마워요 is a less formal way of saying "thank you". This form is not used often, and normally just between people who know each other quite well. It is not necessarily impolite to say 고마워요, but it is better to use 감사합니다 in most situations.

고마워 is an informal and friendly way to say thank you and this form is only used with close friends or when speaking to children. It would be considered impolite to use this form in most situations.

December 16, 2018

Thank you so much!!!

December 18, 2018

감사합니다 is the most formal version of Thank you. You would use this towards seniors. 고맙습니다 is also formal, however, you would use this towards strangers and young adults. 고마워 and 고마워요 are both informal. Use these with friends and people younger or your age. I'm not sure about 감사하다, however I think it's a less formal Thank you. More like saying "Thanks" in English. I hope this helped!-Nadia

December 17, 2018

Thank you very much!:)

December 18, 2018

Arigato :D (yes, I dare to say some Japanese here in this Korean forum (: )

December 17, 2018
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