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  5. "This is a man."

"This is a man."

Translation:He kāne kēia.

December 16, 2018



Why is Ke kane 'o'ia wrong?


Late answer, and I don't really know, but I might add some more confusion to learning this language. kēia means this (missing in the sentence above) Google translates your words to "the perfect man", while it gets translated differently if you translate it again vice versa. Akua knows how reliable those are :D Also, duolingo underlines our mistakes e.g. kāne vs. kane (I would have guessed ke kāne ‘o ‘ia means: he is a man)


How to get diacritical marks for Hawaiian language


I use apostrophy for 'okina and if you hold the vowel down, a selection will appear, thi i mske my choice on my samsung.

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