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  5. "My mom is eating cherries."

"My mom is eating cherries."

Translation:Shimá bįįh yildeeʼį́ yį́yą́.

December 16, 2018



Please fix the spelling. Our phones dont all have tones for yíyá and the í in yildee'í


Also marked it wrong for me when it was correct.


For both a cherry or cherries do we use the same "bįįh yildeeʼį́ " Also I am curious about the pronounciation, is the sound of ii like a prolonged i or a repeated i-i. And what is the difference in sound of i /į/į́. Thanks!


ii is a prolonged i. All double vowels work that way; take a little longer saying them.

í (or any vowel with an accent mark) indicates a high tone (Navajo has two tones).

The hook under vowels means to nasalize them.

So į́ is a nasalized, high i.


I wrote it like it is supposed to be and it says I am wrong and the word biih is not listed.


Yeah Duolingo is broken


I cannot combine certain accents on my phone, so 'yíyá' and 'yįyą' are the closest I can write, but am told I am wrong rather than to check my accents....

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