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  5. "boQchuq puqpu'."

"boQchuq puqpu'."

Translation:The children assisted each other.

December 16, 2018



puqpu' is pronounced as puQpu' here.


I thought this lesson was about prefixes...this question seems to have not a darn thing to do with them at all.


The null prefix (i.e. the lack of a prefix and the information that coveys) is also an important part of learning how prefixes work.


The main reason I want to learn prefixes, honestly, is to memorize which one does what; there's so darned MANY of them.

So when a question comes up that's not using any at all, I'm sure you can understand my confusion, yes?


Understood - you were hoping to just work on the prefixes that are less likely to appear elsewhere in the course, and not one so common as the null prefix. But we thought it was a good idea to practice all the prefixes (including the absent one) in this lesson. I think you still get lots of practice with the newly introduced prefixes as well.


Most "grammar" lessons also introduce new vocabulary -- in this case, the new word is boQ "assist" which has some practice sentences using prefixes but also this one without a prefix.

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