"Aia hoʻokahi kaikamahine nuha ma ka pā pāʻani."

Translation:There is one stubborn girl on the playground.

December 16, 2018

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even though hoʻokahi = one, the answer there is a stubborn girl should have been accepted.


What is the difference between hoʻokahi and ʻekahi? Can you use other hoʻo- instead of ʻe- with other numbers too?


ʻekahi = one (number)

ka mokuna ʻekahi = (the chapter number one) / the first chapter

hoʻokahi = one (amount)

hoʻokahi mokuna = one chapter

No, you cannot use (hoʻo) instead of (ʻe) with other numbers.


hoʻokahi haneli = one hundred (number) AND

he hoʻokahi haneli = one hundred (amount)


hello, fruends! Just wondering if native speakers would ever use "he hoʻokahi haneli " to describe a glass containing 100 ml of a beverage, specifically spirit? In my language, Polish, and some other slavonic languages, that would be the word for it, just curious about the linguistic part


I don't understand the construction of playground? Play dish?


pā can mean many things...it doesn't have a single meaning... Fence, wall, corral, pen, enclosure, courtyard, patio, arena, as well as a dish or a plate. Think of it (for these lessons)in terms of a flat surface.


Reminds me of the way English uses the word "plane"


I think it would be really cool if they'd start this section by teaching us to count. That's the most natural way to learn the first ten numbers since we have ten fingers.

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