how to say he can speak high valyrian

can someone give me examples using ȳdragon as in speaking a language? how can I say I can speak high valyrian, he can speak high valyrian and the negatives?

December 16, 2018

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I found one example: "Udrirzi Valyrio ȳdrā?"
It means: "Do you speak Valyrian?"
To say, to speak a language, we need to use the instrumental case (Udrirzi is the instrumental of Udrir, language). So literally the sentence above would be "Do you speak by means of the language of Valyria?".

But its also possible to just use Valyria without Udrir. But then we need to put Valyria into the instrumental case and that is Valyrȳsa.

So to answer your question, "I can speak High Valyrian" should be "Valyrȳsa ȳdragon kostan" and "He can speak ..." is "Valyrȳsa ȳdragon kostas".
The negatives: "Valyrȳsa ȳdragon koston/kostos daor"

December 16, 2018
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