"What is this?"

Translation:यह क्या है?

December 16, 2018

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They really should teach you how to add the letters togheter. Means i tried to figure out how to make this: क्य couldn't find it nor find out how. Luckily i have and indian husband. But i dont think everyone is that lucky.


When do we use "ye" ...what is the difference between "ye" and "yeh"??


There is no difference between ye and yah.

यह is pronounced as ye most of the time colloquially but in formal situations this is sometimes considered incorrect and yah is preferred.


kya hai means the same thing as yaha kya hai why add the यह?


Iittle confused


As the audio is missing, I looked up the pronunciation of the new word. WHAT= क्या (pr. {kya}. Audio file here: https://dict.hinkhoj.com/hindi-dictionary.php?word=what&ie=UTF-8 (click on the second loudspeaker icon to hear the Hindi; the first provides only an English audio).

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