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  5. "तुम दिल्ली जाओगे ।"

"तुम दिल्ली जाओगे "

Translation:You will go to Delhi.

December 16, 2018



Why isnt you go to Delhi accepted? Where is 'will'??


Because not jaoge is used, not jao, which meaning will go


In the question page this sounds like a question "Are you going to Delhi" but on this comments page it sounds like a statement/order as is the written meaning.


Kya tum delhi jaoge is a question Tum delhi jaoge is a statement


I think what Roger is saying is that the audio is wrong. Her voice seems to be asking, not stating. I got this question wrong twice because I was listening to the question and that threw me off.

I've been speaking Hindi for as long as I can remember and having a rising pitch at the end of a sentence that's normally a statement works as a question too. Eg. Aap Delhi jaoge? is something I could ask my uncle with no issue.

I think the audio is wrong because she's speaking like it's a question.


Y javoge instead of javoga


Tum is always given plural verb endings amd so can have ओगी amd ओगे but not ओगा

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