TNs, U17: Conjunctions 1(Coordinating Conjunctions)

Conjunctions function by hooking up words, phrases, and clauses. This unit focuses on coordinating conjunctions, which link two or more similar elements in a sentence. For instance, et may be used to link two nouns together.

  • Je mange une pomme et une orange. — I am eating an apple and an orange.
  • Elle a un chien et un chat. — She has a dog and a cat.

It may also link two adjectives or even two clauses.

  • La robe est grande et jolie. — The dress is big and pretty.
  • Le chat est noir et le chien est blanc. — The cat is black and the dog is white.

For the most part, French coordinating conjunctions behave very similarly to their English counterparts.

Conj. English Example
et and Elle a un chien et un chat. — She has a dog and a cat.
mais but Mais pas maintenant. — But not now.
ou or Oui ou non ? — Yes or no?
comme as/like Je suis comme ça. — I am like that.
donc so/thus Il est jeune, donc il est petit. — He is young, so he is small.
car because Je lis, car j'aime ce livre. — I read because I like this book.

The conjunction car means "because", and it's usually reserved for writing. The subordinating conjunction parce que is preferred in speech; you'll learn this in "Conjunctions 2".

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