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"We need six hundred and five rupees."

Translation:हमें छह सौ पाँच रुपये चाहिए।

December 16, 2018



Anyone know why this refuses to accept पांच for five? I'm having trouble writing the Chandra Bindu version on my keyboard :(


What keyboard do you use? If you are on a computer, use lexilogos https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/devanagari.htm If you are on a phone, the keyboard should have it in there as well


I use the Hinglish keyboard that's part of gBoard on my Android phone.



In chrome, I use google input tools extension.


It didn't accept paise but accepted rupaye wt makes the difference


rupaye means rupees, paise are a smaller form of currency not really used much anymore, equal to 1/100th of a rupee. Though paisa is also used to mean simply "Money," so you could say "Mujhe paisa chahiye" to mean "I need money."


When do we use 'Hum' instead of 'Hum-ey'?


हम means we, it's a pronoun and the subject of the sentence. "We eat food" = "हम खाना खाते हैं" whereas हमें means us. It's no longer the subject, it's the object. "They give us some food" = वे हमें कुछ खाना देते हैं. And हमें and हमको are synonyms, they both mean "Us."


I don't even understand English. And now I just learned two basics and then was presented with questions like this. Oh no, my English is a mess ..


Is there a reason it does not accept humko/हमको instead of humein/हमें

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