"We need six hundred and five rupees."

Translation:हमें छह सौ पाँच रुपये चाहिए।

December 16, 2018

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Is it wrong/unnatural to use 'और' when saying numbers like this? हमें छह सौ और पाँच रुपये चाहिए


वहां "और" शब्द का प्रयोग करना उचित नहीं है मैं मूल भारतीय हूँ


Anyone know why this refuses to accept पांच for five? I'm having trouble writing the Chandra Bindu version on my keyboard :(


What keyboard do you use? If you are on a computer, use lexilogos https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/devanagari.htm If you are on a phone, the keyboard should have it in there as well


I use the Hinglish keyboard that's part of gBoard on my Android phone.


It's very annoying and stupid that it does this IMO. Yes, sometimes (maybe often?) people writing in modern times take shortcuts like omitting ॅ .. but on a digital keyboard/font, why?

In my experience though, Duolingo accepts it fine, are you sure there wasn't something else wrong?

I also have the full हिन्दी keyboard installed, so when I care (writing to a human not to Duolingo auto examiner!) I can write say हूं with abc->हिन्दी kb, switch to full हिन्दी, backspace for हू, and add ँ।



In chrome, I use google input tools extension.


You need to press that much but dont breake youre phone lol then it will be like this "पाँच"


Is there a reason it does not accept humko/हमको instead of humein/हमें


Both are correct. Native speaker here. Report the translation.


When do we use 'Hum' instead of 'Hum-ey'?


हम means we, it's a pronoun and the subject of the sentence. "We eat food" = "हम खाना खाते हैं" whereas हमें means us. It's no longer the subject, it's the object. "They give us some food" = वे हमें कुछ खाना देते हैं. And हमें and हमको are synonyms, they both mean "Us."


I don't even understand English. And now I just learned two basics and then was presented with questions like this. Oh no, my English is a mess ..

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