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"Beer, coffee, and wine are beverages."

Translation:Bier, Kaffee und Wein sind Getränke.

December 16, 2018



Do Germans have a thing like Oxford comma?


No. The Duden states that a comma should not come before "und" or "oder" in German, and using the "Oxford comma" in German comes across as strange to a native German, and would be considered a mistake.


Unless you are changing subject between sentences connected with 'und' - in that case, a Komma is needed even in German :)


Can the word beverage be written as "Getraenke"?


Getränke is the plural, "beverages".

(But yes, if you can't make an ä, you should be able to write ae on this course instead. It's not quite the correct spelling but it's the usual workaround if a German does not have access to a German keyboard.)

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