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  5. "He puaʻa kālua kēlā?"

"He puaʻa kālua kēlā?"

Translation:Is that kālua pig?

December 16, 2018



Kālua just might be "kalua" in English.


Now I get "pay attention to the accents", but there is no way of entering the accents on the keyboard.


You'll need to activate the Hawaiian language keyboard on your computer or phone. It's a different procedure for Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android. Once activated, you'll be able to easily change your typing language with the press of a button. I have mine set up on my iPhone, Windows computer and Mac.


Kālua pig rather than kālua pork? Threw me off, oof..


This sounds very unnatural without the "a"


kālua pig really is kālua pork, but no one in Hawai'i says kālua pork. That is why there is no A in that - it's referring to food not an animal.


Aha! Now I understand. Twinkle_M wanted "a ... pig" in the English version.


Where would you put "a"?


To me there is no necessity to include diacritical marks with English translations. Kalua with the macron in 'olelo Hawaii, but no accent needed, in my opinion when in English with kalua pig, even if kalua originally is not an Englilsh word.


Also I don't think that the accents are necessary when it is part of the English translation. Kalua seems acceptable in English, but not in 'olelo Hawai'i.

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