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"View Activity Log" no longer seems to work

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I have several Duolingo Schools classes open, for various languages. I used to be able to see each student's entire activity on Duolingo - date and time, skill, kind of exercise, points gained ... I created them to be able to track my own progress, after I stopped getting my weekly progress report. I added myself as a student and was able to see my activity accurately in each class.

Since a few weeks ago, clicking on "View Activity Log" in any of the classes (so for any language) no longer shows any results, only the message that "Student X is not currently learning language Y", whether I, as a student, had accessed language Y last or not.

The weekly progress report for the classes' STUDENTS does keep coming, but it's not a good substitute, it shows the progress made in English for A, B and C speakers classes in ALL those 3 classes, instead of assigning English for A progress only to English for A, English for B progress only to English for B, etc.

Is this a known problem, a known behaviour change ? How can I get this functionality back ? Please help.

December 16, 2018




This isn't intended behavior and is currently being looked into. I apologize for any frustration it has caused.

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The problem is still there. Besides, I noticed that the classes for English for speakers of A, of B stopped showing any experience next to the student's name. Is this actually considered for solving ?

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