"Kēhau is a student."

Translation:He haumāna ʻo Kēhau.

December 16, 2018

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So do you only put an "'o" in front of a name if you are not speaking to that person? because in earlier lessons, we learned phrases like "E hele, e Keoki", and did not use "'o".


That's correct. When speaking to them you use e, when speaking about them you use ‘o.

[deactivated user]

    He haumāna ʻo Kēhau, but He mākaʻi i au. Why in one sentence ʻo, but the other i for the word 'is'.


    I can't explain the i in that second sentence (I would have written it without, but I'm just a student). However, the ‘o in the sentence from this exercise is just a third person marker. It is required in front of ia and names, but has no translatable meaning. It is NOT a verb like "is"! However, since au is not ia and not a name it does not get ‘o in front of it.


    Yesssss haumāna is the accent.

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