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Brazilian learners

Any brazilian learner on hawaiian? Can we contact to exchange material and information or just practice?

December 17, 2018



You can count on me! I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and I'm ready to help you. Of course, we can practice it on Sunday at 10:00 PM (which is a moth that normally I got nothing to do). Furthermore, we can even have a little chat to exchange material and meet each other. So when you are ready, just call me! ;)


Hawaiian is my favorite course but mostly because it is easy and small enough to not kill my motivation with my extremely strong autism + ADHD "procrastination" (executive dysfunction). It was easier to be on Duolingo before I started to feel responsible for a long streak, and now it kills me. Feel free to friend me if you want, though, I will refriend!


I'm not Brazilian but it'd be great to practice Hawaiian with someone

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