"I am not from Japan."

Translation:Saya bukan dari Jepang.

December 17, 2018

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It has same meaning with 'Saya', but less formal


Is there a guide on the Duolingo site yet that shows the difference between formal and informal pronouns etc.? It seems from other comments that the course focuses on informal structure but then just throws in a formal word without explanation.


Anda = very formal you, similar to the French "vous" or the Spanish "usted" (tú VS usted).

Kamu = normal singular you. Similar to French "tu".
Kalian = normal plural you (you guys)

Informal you: kau, (and many more, but they are slang)

So, just stick with "kamu" for the Duo exercises,
(unless you want to play with pronouns to try to remember them all.)

Saya = formal I.
Aku = informal I.

Dia = he/she. (and sometimes it when talking about animals)
Kita = we, including you (when I speak with you).
Kami = we, but not including you, we alone. (to help me remember, I just remember the Word "kamialone", or "kamiexclusive". )

Mereka = they.

I'm not a native, but I don't see so much "informal structures" here, in this course.

Make it easy, use only "kamu" and "saya" if you feel confused. And without context, for "we" chose wichever you like, kita or kami.


Yes there are now, you can click on the bulb icon at the lesson icon in the menu.



Note to moderators: it would have been nice to have this explained before encountering the word "aku" in an exercise.


Aku = saya kamu = anda


You have to write Anda. With uppercase (always), like the English "I".


It can mean "I" or "me" or "my", depending of its place in the sentence, and context.


Mean what are you


The way i arrange the words in my sentence, does it matter ?


What about "Saya tidak dari Jepang!" Correct or not?


Don't worry Indonesian will understand when you use "tidak" instead of "bukan" here. But "saya tidak dari Jepang" just sounds unnatural.


It's not about "being able to understand", it's about learning correct Indonesian. If we are here, we try to learn the proper grammar, like someone who tries to learn English would be happy to learn "I am a student" and not "I are a student", even if the later one would be understood, it's not grammatically correct.

It's not "sounding natural", it's what is considered as proper Indonesian grammar, or not. There's a difference between "correct but doesn't sound very natural", and "incorrect". Here, it's understandable but grammatically incorrect. And it's one of the very important grammar point to understand in Indonesian: the difference between bukan and tidak.

There's 2 negations in Indonesian.

Bukan, and Tidak.

Tidak (pronounce "tida"), means "no", when you say "No!" to someone.
Bukan is the noun-negater, and tidak is the verb-negater.

So, if you want to say I'm not French, you would use the noun negater, like "I'm not a French": Saya bukan orang Perancis.

Orang means a person, and Perancis means French, so "orang Perancis" means a French person.
Here, you want to negate it, "not a French person", so you use "bukan".

"dari" means "from", it's not a verb, so "bukan" is also used.

Saya tidak makan = I don't eat.
Used to negate the verb.

Just remember tidak = don't.
And tidak = NOO!!
So, it will be easier to remember.

But it's not "don't" like in a negative command, in this case, it's "jangan", I mean "don't" with a verb.

Saya tidak berasal dari Jepang, is correct, as "tidak" negates the verb "berasal", to come from/to be originated from.


Clearest explanation so far. Thank you so much!


Is there a difference between the 2?


For those wondering about the difference between bukan, tidak and jangan:

  • ‘Bukan’ negates nouns and adverbs

  • ‘Tidak’ negates verbs and adjectives

  • ‘Jangan’ literally means don’t and is a request or an order by nature


Why isn't this top comment


Why not "aku tidak dari jepang"


Because "tidak" is used for verbs. And "dari" is not a verb, but a preposition.

If you say "Aku tidak berasal dari Jepang", it is right.


Why is it that Japan’s turns into Jepang??


Jepang is Japan in Indonesia, just like: Germany = Jerman Italy = Italia Spain = Spanyol Greece = Yunani England = Inggris Belgium = Belgia Netherland = Belanda Ireland = Irlandia Sweden = Swedia Finland = Finlandia France = Perancis Egypt = Mesir USA = Amerika Serikat China = Cina New Zealand = Selandia Baru


Is it correct if I say: saya bukan dari Japan??


Umm Can't understanding

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