"नेहा खेलती है क्योंकि वह एक बच्ची है।"

Translation:Neha plays because she is a child.

December 17, 2018

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I think a more important question is what exactly did duolingo do to joelangenb. Spit in his coffee? Touch him inappropriately? Kick his puppy?


Can't it be: Neha plays as she is a child.


Random question wayyyy late in the game. Why can’t we move the words from the word bank in our answers, like in other languages I’ve learned? I know this is a programming issue, but just wanted to know why this option is not available for the Hindi course...


Which words are you trying to replace?


Not to replace. Let’s say I’m clicking on selected words in order to make my sentence and I later realize, towards the end, that I forgot to add “is” because I didn’t click on it properly. In other language units, you could drag the omitted word to its correct position without having to undo the whole sentence then clicking on every word back into their respective position... See what I mean? Here, in Hindi, I just can’t do it.


Hmm, I see what you mean. It'd be useful to have that as a feature, yeah.


Hi zerenei It is an available function. Maybe it’s working on the actual app... let’s see if Duolingo staff reads our messages! Cheers :-)


It works on the app


Dúo reads a different sentence which means " She plays, because she has a child there."

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