"My mother is nice."

Translation:ʻOluʻolu koʻu makuahine.

December 17, 2018

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I am confused. Why is it not He olu'olu ko'u makuahine. What is the grammar rule i am missing. I wish they would teach grammar along with lesson.


You're using 'olu'olu as a noun there. Your sentence says, "My mother is a nice." To use 'olu'olu as a verb, you have to leave the noun determiner "he" off. An adjective like 'olu'olu can be used to either form a complete sentence like, "'Olu'olu ko'u makuahine" ("My mother is nice.") or be used to form a noun phrase like "ko'u maukuahine 'olu'olu" ("my nice mother"). With a noun phrase like that second option, you are missing a verb and to have a complete sentence, you need to either add a verb OR make it an equivalence sentence (which lacks a verb, but needs two noun phrases to be complete). So you could also say something like, "He wahine 'olu'olu ko'u makuahine" ("My mother is a nice woman"). In equivalence sentences, you can tell where each noun phrase starts by looking for determiners like "he" and "ko'u".


I had the correct answer


I'm a little confused on placement with au and ko'u


Ko'u goes before a noun to make a possessive noun phrase. Ko'u makuahine = My mother. This noun phrase can now be used anywhere that a noun would go. When placed immediately after the verb it is the subject, the one doing the action or matching the description of the verb. This is what's happening in this sentence above.

"Au" is a pronoun, which represents the person speaking. English has the same with the pronouns "I" and "me". When "au" is placed immediately after the verb "I" am the subject. ʻOluʻolu au = I am nice.


Im confused! The answer is correct but it takes a life..some thing must be fixed


Oluolu without okinas is wrong? Not in other lessons.


Why is am i wrong now , always don't use the accents


We can't see what you wrote. If by accent, you are referring to the ‘okina, it is not an accent and it is not an apostrophe, it is a letter of the alphabet. If you leave it out or put it in the wrong place, you are misspelling the word, just like if you left out or misplaced any other letter in a word.


Why are the lack of apostrophes corrected and accepted while others are not?


I had the same question! My answer was right other than the accents which i can't add on my phone

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