"Noi am lucrat numai cu această metodă nouă."

Translation:We worked only with this new method.

December 17, 2018



why 'noi am lucrat' instead of 'noi AVEM lucrat'?

December 17, 2018


It's the 1st p. sg AND pl when speaking about the past.

Eu am lucrat Tu ai lucrat El/ea a lucrat

Noi AM lucrat Voi ați lucrat Ei/ele au lucrat

I think AVEM may just have gotten too long, so it was abbreviated or I dunno ^^

December 26, 2018


Multumesc :)

This tense is built using a specific form of the auxiliary "a avea" / "to have" (am, ai, a, am, ați, au). These specific forms are different from the present conjugation of the verb (am, ai, are, avem, aveti, au)

December 28, 2018
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