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  5. "पीटर शाम को खायेगा।"

"पीटर शाम को खायेगा।"

Translation:Peter will eat in the evening.

December 17, 2018



I don't think "Peter will eat this evening" is worth being counted as a bad translation for this sentence


I agree. I also put this and was marked wrong.


That was my first attempt too - but I think 'this evening' would actually be इस शाम को।


Maybe it's not oblique because ko is attached to evening. If it were a sentence where ko was attached to Peter, maybe that's when it switches to oblique?


What do you want to be oblique? Nouns and adjectives have cases; there are no adjectives here, पीटर as a proper noun will always be पीटर, and शाम is शाम in all cases in the singular.

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