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  5. "दादी, आप कब आयेंगी?"

"दादी, आप कब आयेंगी?"

Translation:Grandmother, when will you come?

December 17, 2018



why is the ayengi with the extra dot correct? आयेंगी not आयेगी?


Not sure, but that may be future. I did the same thing.


No. it's not the future. We indicate the formal by putting everything but the noun in the plural. E.g. '"मेरे दादा खाना खाते हैं" which would mean "my grandfather eats food." You'll notice "मेरे," "खाते," and "हैं" are all in the plural even though "दादा" is singular. This is showing respect to the grandfather (showing respect because he's older.) In the same sense, we use आयेंगी (plural) to show respect to someone of seniority.


आप is gramatically plural, even when it refers to a singular person (like in this sentence). So the plural form आयेंगी is used here.

Also, treating people as gramatically plural is a common way to show respect.


Granny is a more common name for addressing one's grandmother


Grandma is more common, imo

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