Why can't I have Traditional chinese?

They don't let you have traditional.I do not know simplified but I know traditional.

December 18, 2018


If you use Google Chrome, there is a free browser extension that allows you to switch between simplified and traditional in DuoLingo Chinese lessons!

I wish I could remember who first shared the link to give them full credit (I'm so thankful!!) But the genius who made the extension is named Robin Card.

Hopefully this link will work:

(Some reviews complain about lag, but I haven't had any trouble!)

Happy learning :-)

Edit: I found a post that Robin Card made on Duo-- if you like the extension, please let him know! :-)

December 18, 2018

They made the course for Simplified Chinese only, since it is geared mostly towards the Mandarin spoken in Mainland China. But the option to use traditional should be implemented, since other countries don't use simplified.

December 18, 2018

They say that it should be somewhat easier to pick up Simplified if you first learn Traditional...

December 28, 2018

but it is hard because most of the words are different.

January 16, 2019
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