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"Dia melakukan wawancara hari ini."

Translation:He does an interview today.

December 18, 2018



This isn't a natural English sentence, but I don't think there's a straightforward translation.

I thought of "She will interview today", but that only applies if "She" is the person asking the questions. The other side of the coin is "She will be interviewed today" In the Indonesian sentence, can "Dia" be either interviewer or interviewee?

The other alternative is "She has an interview today" which I think is the best translation unless one of the above applies.


'melakukan' is an active transitive verb.
'Dia' is the agent/actor performing the action.
'Dia' is the person asking the questions in the interview.
'He (She) does (did) an interview today.'

'She has an interview today.'
I think that this English sentence can be interpreted as :
-1- 'she' is the person asking the questions.
-2- 'she' is the one being interviewed.
This English sentence is ambiguous.


In that case, the best translation is in my opinion "S/he interviews today"


I think s/he is the interviewer because of the verb "melakukan". The root word "laku" means "to carry out" or "to execute", and "me-kan" verb suggests that the subject causes something. Therefore, "s/he conducts an interview today" would be better.

Also, "pewawancara" (pe-wawancara) means "an interviewer", not an interviewee. If she is an interviewee, the sentence would be "dia diwawancarai oleh (someone) hari ini".

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