Hebrew Letters Font Size

I have a serious request. I decided to start the Hebrew Course. But the Hebrew letters are TOO SMALL TO SEE. Seriously. I can read the English on the screen, but the Hebrew letters are a lot smaller. AND since I don't actually read Hebrew yet, I can't figure out what the words are. Is there any way you can increase the size of the font of the Hebrew in your Hebrew course? Thanks. Sarah Rose

4 weeks ago

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I haven't tried it for Hebrew, but if you go to your browser's preferences, you can change text size.

Also, you can zoom in on a browser too (which is what I usually do to increase text size.) On my computer Command + is the way to do it, but PCs can do it as well.

4 weeks ago

Could you please share a screenshot? Which operating system do you use? which browser?

4 weeks ago
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