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Duolingo down for anyone else?

Yesterday and this morning Duolingo was down at least for me. :( Every time I would try to access the site through various links, it would only show a blank white page with the word "Support" in the top left corner.

I tried accessing the site using Firefox, Chrome and IE, from 3 different computers, and they all showed the same results.

I almost lost my streak, but it is a short 24 day streak anyway, but I had a streak freeze, and I got the email reminder when I didn't practice.

I just want to know if anyone else had this problem?

May 15, 2014

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I had the problem too, and I did lose my streak because I forgot to try again. Dang! That's the third time I've lost my streak. I'd be up to a zillion now if I'd never lost it.

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