"Harga ini tidak berlaku di sini."

Translation:This price is not valid here.

December 18, 2018

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Very weird sentence that no Indonesian would ever say


Why must all b verbs be learned at once? It is too much at once and very confusing...


Interesting that in Indonesian, "berlaku", rooted from "laku" (= untung) which can mean "to gain profit".

While in Malaysian, "berlaku", rooted from "laku" (= berbuat/terjadi) which can also mean "to do/to happen".

P/S: At least, in this sentence.


Interesting that in Indonesian, "berlaku", rooted from "laku" (= untung) which can mean "to gain profit".

'laku' does not have the meaning of 'untung' or 'to gain profit' in Indonesian.

Here is the KBBI definition of the root word:

laku /la·ku /
1 n perbuatan; gerak-gerik; tindakan; cara menjalankan atau berbuat:
2 a laris (tentang barang dagangan); sudah terjual:
3 a boleh dipakai (tentang uang, karcis, dan sebagainya); sah:

It can only have the meaning of 'untung' or 'to gain profit' if you apply the second definition, and it can only has the meaning of 'untung' / 'profit ' if the selling price is higher the the purchase price.

Here is the KBBI definition of 'berlaku' :

berlaku/ber·la·ku/ v
1 masih berjalan (sedang dikerjakan dan sebagainya); berlangsung; terjadi:
2 berbuat; bertindak:
3 bertindak menjadi; menjalankan tugas menjadi:
4 boleh dipakai (tentang surat, uang, dan sebagainya); sah: 5 dikenakan untuk atau pada:

As you can see in the definitions above, in Indonesian, 'berlaku' does not have the meaning of 'to gain profit'.


Yeah, I mean "laris". Wrong choice of word. Sorry. And I was referring to Malaysian root word to begin with. Not clarified. Sorry.


I think in Indonesian language you can also use berlaku=berbuat. I heard that often.


Could it not also be accepted to mean 'the price here is not valid'


How is "This price is not valid here" and "This price is invalid here" different? Is there a different word for "invalid?"


Why do you suggest apply and count if you do not accept it then? Mysterious.


This is not an Englisch sentence. Better


i think this price is not used here is a valid translation


Why not 'That price doesn't apply here'?


That price = harga itu

This price = harga ini


This does not apply here. How can a price be be valid?

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