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  5. "Saya membawa dompet."

"Saya membawa dompet."

Translation:I bring a wallet.

December 18, 2018



What is wrong with I bring wallet?


In English you need the "article" = a grammar term for a small word that goes with a noun eg the wallet , a wallet, some wallets , a means one of something Actually this is a bad question/answer by Duolingo the sentence "I bring a wallet " sounds wrong in english - it should be I brought a wallet , or I will bring a a wallet


Yes indeed, I have brought a wallet would be the natural English sentence.


Halo teman! / Chào bạn! I am not a native speaker, but I think the English article is needed for the singular noun, "a wallet".
Instead, with a plural noun, it would be:
• I bring wallets.

I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)

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