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  5. "I will buy the big mango"

"I will buy the big mango"

Translation:Nitalinunua embe kubwa

December 18, 2018



Can someone explain why an object infix is needed in this situation?


because of the definite article 'the'


this is what i found from another discussion from one of the original contributors.......

The use of object infixes will definitely depend on context many times - for example, if you wish to omit the noun in a construction after it has already been identified, you can use the object infix. I read/am reading the book - Ninasoma kitabu, but if I already know you're referring to the book, you can say - Ninakisoma (I read/am reading it).

But, when you use prepositional forms of verbs, you always need to include an object infix. I am reading/read the book to/for you or I am reading/read you the book - NinaKUsomea kitabu. The object is the noun receiving or being manipulated by the verb in this case


yes, I am sure about that. 'nitanunua embe kubwa' is 'I will buy a big mango'.

what you have said is true, but that doesn't change the fact that when you're referring to a specific object, which requires using the definite article the, you will include the object infix as indicative of such, whether or not the noun is present, which is what sets it apart from referring to an arbitrary object


hey, i asked my wife (who is kenyan) about it. She agrees with you. She did mention that colloquially people just tend to drop to the Object Infix (perhaps because they speak a lot of Sheng)


are you sure about that? Why not just Nitanunua embe kubwa. Earlier lessons use the article 'the' without an object infix in the swahili translation

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