"I will study from tomorrow."

Translation:मैं कल से पढ़ूँगा।

December 18, 2018

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And that "tomorrow" will never come. :D (-_-;)


In English one would typically say "I will study tomorrow" not "from tomorrow"


I think it probably means something like "I'll start studying tomorrow".


One would say either, depending what one means. 'I will study tomorrow' = on that day; 'I will study from tomorrow' = starting tomorrow and continuing.


If an English language learner were to produce a sentence like "I will study from tomorrow.", I would say, " I think I get your meaning, but we don't say it that way. I think you mean, " I will study starting tomorrow." or " I will study from tomorrow on."


पढूंगी why can't be right


What do पढूंग and पढ़ूंगी mean?


पढ़ूंगी का मतलब 'will read'/'will study' है, for a female first-person subject. (It is the same as with the चन्द - 'पढ़ूँगी' - if that's the confusion. It's just sometimes/often dropped in informal writing. Mobile Hindi keyboards even replicate this which I think is a bit silly, can understand saving a stroke if you're writing by hand, but a computer may as well do it properly!)

'पढूंगी' I don't think has a meaning, it's just missing the नुक़्ता - it'd almost certainly be understood and perhaps even written by native speakers sometimes, (even if they pronounced it with-नुक़्ता) it's just not strictly speaking correct.

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