"I will wait for you as long as you want."

Translation:Aku akan menunggumu selama kamu mau.

December 19, 2018

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This is copy-and-pasted from the green answer key at the bottom of the page:

"You have an extra space. Saya akan menunggukamu selama kamu ingin."

It seems like a mistake, but lately I've been getting corrected a lot for having such "extra spaces. Is this normal Indonesian practice, or is there a glitch in the translations?


'Saya' should also be an acceptable answer here: Saya akan menunggumu selama kamu mau.


'Saya' and 'aku' are the same meaning


Selama yang kamu mau?


This is the only right option from the words provided, but what is actually said by the narrator is "Aku akan menunggu kamu selama kamu mau."

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