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Hawaiian audio!

I've just been having my daily go at the Hawaiian course, and noticed that every sentence now appears to have real audio! (I'm not sure if there are gaps, but every random skill I tried had it, and there wasn't any yesterday.)

Thank you to the Hawaiian team—this makes the course a hundred times better at a stroke!

I couldn't see any other thread about this so I thought I should bring it to people's attention.

Edit: came across a sentence without audio today, so there is the occasional gap, but the vast majority seems to have it.

December 19, 2018



Ouuuuuuu ;000000 (jeeZ you've done so many languages o.O)


Swahili and Hawaiian getting audio back to back. What a good day.


Swahili got audio? Nice!


I think Klingon has audio as well now.


I can't find any; did you come across some in a particular skill?


I noticed there was sound in the Sounds 1 skill 2 to 3 weeks ago. I might be mistaken but I'll double check when I get home later today. I do remember there being sound though, at least I think I do. If that's the case, then it's just Navajo and High Valyrian that are without sound which is great.


Yes, Klingon has audio now, but it has to be done word-by-word and sentence by sentence, so it's coming slowly. So far I have done every second sentence up to vocab 1, lesson 4, and lots of random ones in higher lessons. (Saving the even-numbered sentences for another female speaker so it's not all Qov, all the time).


Yes - but the quality of the Swahili is so poor even after all this delay. I listened to the Hawaiian just out of interest and it is so much better. I don't understand why there can't be a standard like that for all languages.


I'm glad to have the Hawaiian audio.


Aloha nui. Mahalo nui for sharing your experience learning ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and what you've noticed re: audio. The team has had some discussion and will tend to your request soon.


It's morbidly hilarious that this happened just days after I decided to finally get off my butt and finish my Hawaiian tree. That said, it will be useful for me when I review and gain more crowns, but the timing was a bit inconvenient for me, haha.


At least the Hawaiian tree is so short it won't have taken much time to do it audio-less. I'm on the cusp of finishing the Swahili tree, having previously waited months and months before starting it in the hope that audio would be added, before coming to the conclusion that it would never happen and that I had better just do the course without it; now, there is audio—hooray!—but I should have much preferred having it when going through the tree the first time round.
I think this must be an extension of the Duolingo law that says 'if a tree is going to be updated, it'll happen just before you get to the last skill'.

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