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  5. "Anak saya laki-laki."

"Anak saya laki-laki."

Translation:My child is male.

December 19, 2018



"My child is a male" or if the child is young "My child is a boy".


I agree that laki-laki in this context should be translated as a "boy" and not as a "male." No one uses the world "male" to refer to their son in everyday conversation unless you are referring to a clinical sense such as in-vitro fertilization or in medical lingo.


Laki-laki = male (usually for boy, I think. Could be wrong though)

Laki = husband, man

I think the first word is laki-laki, then laki comes afterward. So the original word is laki-laki not laki. This is one of exception duplication words that is a singular word that you should remember. Also it's valid to say "laki-laki laki-laki itu" (those boys) btw lol.

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